Patients and caregivers are sometimes overwhelmed when they learn they have a chronic disease that can be managed in a home setting.  Universal Home Therapy combines home health services, skilled nursing care, renal services, and pharmaceutical services in the comfort of your home.  Your family and caregiver are there to reassure you and help you transition to a healthier life.  We will coordinate your care with your doctor or hospital and make sure you recover and regain your independence.  If you or your caregiver is interested please visit the REFERRALS page.

“When my doctor told me I needed to have dialysis
treatment due to my ESRD, I was filled with anxiety. But
I didn’t need to be, my dialysis schedule is flexible and
the 3 hour session turned out to be a learning experience -spiritually, medically, mentally- thanks to my nurse
and the UHT staff.”   ~R.D., Pearland, TX


Our services are provided by skilled RN’s & LVN’s.  They have background experience in Critical Care, Med-Surg, Emergency Room, along with Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, and Home Health.

Skilled Nursing

  • Hospital, dialysis & long term care experience

  • Hemodialysis  Treatments   ​

  • Peritoneal Training & Monthly care  

  • Catheter care for Hemo and peritoneal patients​

  • Wound care/dressing changes

  • ​​ IV infusions

  • Draw blood samples

  • Monitor Blood Pressure, Pulse, and Respiratory status  ​

  • Check blood glucose levels, educate, and review insulin RX  ​

  • Monitor medication response and adverse effects​​

Pharmaceutical Services

  • IV antibiotic therapy

  • IV antifungal therapy 

  • Hydration therapy

  • Total parenteral nutrition  ​

Other Services

  • Medical Social Services  ​

  • Nutritional Education for Renal and Diabetic patients  ​

  • ​Bilingual (Spanish/English & Tagalog/English) services

  • MD's multi-lingual in Spanish & other languages


Some common questions you have asked...

What is home health care?
  • Home care is a cost effective alternative to extended hospital or institutional care.  The scope of home care is broad.  Some patients will need some skilled nursing services such as wound care, diabetic education, social services, or nutritional counseling.  Staying at home to receive these services helps family and caregivers to offer loving care and support in a less stressful environment.

Who needs home health care?
  • If you were recently hospitalized for surgery or illness.
  • If you are homebound and need the services Universal Home Therapy can offer.
  • If your caregivers can no longer assist you with dialysis or you need some specialty care such as IV infusions or diabetic wound care.

What services can your home health agency provide?
  • Universal Home Therapy can provide home hemodialysis with a skilled nurse in your home.
  • Other skilled care is also available; such as IV infusions, diabetic education, diabetic wound care (ulcers, cellulitis) peritoneal dialysis training and monthly follow-up for dialysis.  
  • Also available are medical social services, nutritional counseling, blood pressure monitoring, and blood sugar monitoring and education.

Will insurance cover my home health needs or home dialysis treatments?
  • Different insurance carriers have different policies for home dialysis treatments.  Universal Home Therapy will contact your insurance carrier to verify coverage for home dialysis.
  • For home health care services, if the service is medically necessary most private insurance plans will provide payment.

What are my rights as a patient?
  • Federal law dictates that all home health care patients be informed of their rights and responsibilities.  We at Universal Home Therapy will provide you with a summary of patient’s rights and responsibilities.


Ask Our Physician

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Chronic Kidney Disease At Home:

Patients with chronic kidney disease can receive staff assisted Home Hemodialysis if they are covered by commercial insurance.  Patients and families report an improved quality of life with home hemodialysis.  Many patients return to work and follow their previous independent lifestyle much sooner.

Diabetes At Home:

Patients with Type I or Type II diabetes have different needs in education and nursing assistance.  Our skilled nurses/educators will work with your physician to provide the care and services you need in your home.