"The long-term goal for patients, caregivers and physicians is to reduce frequent hospitalizations."

Universal Home Therapy
12919 Southwest Freeway #138 Stafford, TX 77477 US
Phone: 281-565-1277 Website: http://www.universalhometherapy.com/

Our Mission

Universal Home Therapy is committed to providing quality home health and home dialysis care to our patients, so they receive excellent care, which results in improvement in their quality of life.


Our Medical Social Worker

At Universal Home Therapy, we realize our highly skilled Medical Social Worker is an integral part of your healthcare team.  To reach our Medical Social Worker, visit the CONTACT US page or call our office at
(281) 565-1277.


Are highly skilled and trained to provide the care that your doctor has requested.  Our team is hand-picked and have passed their criminal and background investigations.

We are committed 

  • To provide personalized home health care in the comfort of a patient’s home. 

  • To provide flexible home visits with patients and caregivers schedules in mind.

  • ​To include the patient as the most important member of our team.​

RN’s & LVN’s:

​They have background experience in Critical Care, Med-Surg, Emergency Room, along with Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, and Home Health.​ They are the professional leaders in your home health team.  They coordinate your care with your doctor and review all aspects of your medical history.  They are the eyes and ears for your doctor.  They will help you avoid frequent trips to the hospital.

Medical Director & Physicians:

​Our physicians specialize in Internal Medicine or Nephrology. They review the patient’s care plan monthly and coordinate care with nursing.  The patient is encouraged to see their physicians on a monthly basis.

Medical Social Worker:  

They provide a wealth of information to help patients and caregivers navigate the healthcare system.  Knowledge, compassion, education, support to caregivers, and referrals to organizations for additional
assistance can be provided by your medical social worker.


Registered Dietitian: 

They provide education regarding their dietary needs in relation to their nutritional state.  If a patient is on dialysis, special dietary restrictions are provided and explained.  If a patient is a diabetic, additional dietary needs must be reviewed with the patient and/or caregiver.  


BioMedical Technician:

Technical support staff who maintain the efficiency of medical equipment used in your care for dialysis.



Is an RN with extensive experience in management and supervisory experience in various health related settings.  She is an active member of our facility and maintains timely communication with physicians, supervisory nurse, staff nurses, and all facility personnel.